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Residents tidy up round the house during Kerbside Clean Up- 25/1/2006

MORE than 1000 tonnes of rubbish was collected by Ipswich City Council during the 2005 Kerbside Clean Up.

Business Units and Library Services Committee Chairperson Councillor David Pahlke said the bi-annual collection had been carried out by Ipswich Waste Services during last November and December.

Cr Pahlke said throughout the city, an overall total of 956 tonnes of refuse was collected.

“In addition the 2005 cleanup recovered scrap metal totalling 75 tonnes making a total for the cleanup of 1032 tonnes,” he said.

“It certainly was a challenge collecting this amount of waste and with the expected growth of the city, council will need to look at how the kerbside clean-up process is managed in the future.”

Cr Pahlke said the continuing growth of the city had also been reflected in the kerbside clean-up figures which showed a 195 tonne or 23% increase from 2003.

“As a comparison the Kerbside Clean Up carried out in 2003 yielded a total of 750 tonnes of refuse and 87 tonnes of metal making a total of 837 tonnes.”

Cr Pahlke said Ipswich City Council provided a kerbside clean-up service to the residents of Ipswich every two years to assist them to dispose of items that would not fit in their wheelie bins.

“Some residents are without transport to access our transfer stations so council has made available the kerbside collection initiative to provide a way for them to have a household clean-up without having to worry about disposing of their unwanted items.

“The kerbside clean-up is generally held bi-annually before the start of the Christmas school holidays to allow residents to clean-up around their homes and dispose of unwanted rubbish and household items.

“It also gives residents a chance to clean up their homes and yards to ensure a safer environment before the start of the school holidays and Christmas.

“It also helps in the lead-up to the summer storm season by allowing residents to clean up their yards and dispose of any unwanted items.”

The next Kerbside Clean Up in Ipswich will be undertaken in 2007.


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